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Custody & Time-Sharing

Providing Effective & Compassionate Representation

Few situations compare to the loss a mother or father feels when you realize divorce is the only option and you will not tuck your child in bed every night. Few situations compare to the pain a mother or father feels while watching your child suffer through the loss of both parents tucking him or her in every night. Parents must realize that separation is not easy on either parent when children are involved, no matter which parent chooses to separate. The child, however, had no choice. Parents must choose to mask their emotional discontent with each other and make your child a priority. In most situations, the child would choose to see his or her parents an equal amount of time because he or she loves each parent equally. In some situations, one parent may not be equipped with the stability necessary to properly care for a child and equal time is inappropriate.

The goal is to come up with a plan for parenting time that protects the child's best interests without dragging him or her into a court fight.

A Process Designed To Protect the Child

Given the first set of circumstance where two parents are equally competent, our firm will staunchly advocate for equal (50/50) timesharing because we feel mothers and fathers are equally important to a child. Naturally other factors should be taken into consideration before the parents can agree to an equal timesharing schedule, such as work schedules, distance between homes, age of a child and special needs of a child, to list a few. Where one parent displays instability, neglect or abuse of a child, our firm will staunchly defend against equal timesharing and, if necessary, fight for supervised contact with your child.

At McGwier Family Law, we will handle all situations with sensitivity and compassion because we know that your child is your most precious creation. Whether your case concerns equal timesharing, a long distance schedule or issues warranting supervised contact, McGwier Family Law will help protect the best interests of your child. Contact us to make an appointment and learn more about your rights and the rights of your child.

Contact McGwier Family Law, to get an experienced child custody lawyer who can help you ensure that your rights and the rights of your child are protected throughout this process.

Representation With Distinction

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